We operate mostly by appointments.
Appointments may be virtual or in-person , our focus is to discover your bridal style, inspiration, body type and budget. We urge you to arrive with an open mind, as you will be working with a professional bridal stylist to help you achieve your dream look. Sharing your style inspirations will helps understand your dress preference during consultation.
Body shape, type and client’s personality will be considered into the production of the dress with adequate information on color, fabric choice and design of the client’s dress .
Physical consultations are strictly done by appointment and may take 30mins – 1hour exclusive consultation which requires a fee which must be paid before the visit.
We also offer a free 15mins online consultation that can be done via WhatsApp preferably with details of the client’s dress. Please ensure to have some essential information ready in order to avoid under-utilizing your time. CLICK HERE to fill these essential information before confirming your appointment.
For international clients that can’t come in person, can request an exclusive virtual consultation/ appointment.
You can schedule your appointment via email too
Email- info@thebridalwardrobe
In situations where the client may not be able to attend the consultation, A 24hours notification should be made to inform our team of cancellation and given a new appointment slot.
For clients that can’t come in person, Measurements can also be taken electronically via video calls . A measurement template will also be sent to the client , please all measurements should be done in inches and taken by a professional.
There is a $50 consultation fee applicable to all consultations. You can schedule an appointment below and we will get in touch with you. Please also note that you can call to confirm your appointment. 
Please note – Consultation fees are non-refundable.

Virtual Appointment

Your location doesn’t matter, we offer both virtual and in-person appointment. An exclusive 15minutes online consultaion to our clients who may or may not be physically available through their bridal preparation journey and another 15minutes free in-person consultation for persons who are physically available . 

Our online consultation are easily accessible during designated work hours (9am – 9pm) The virtual appointment maybe a series of private chats, video calls or conferences and the sole aim is to collate important and relevant information which will help us serve you better.

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Exclusive Appointment

Clueless on your dress type and will need a professional take you on a journey of discoveries. No worries, we offer a minimum of 45minutes to 1hour step by step dream look chart check box session which will highlight your persona, body goals and your fairytale reality. This service is a premium service and comes at a cost because of our professional inputs, time which will be invested in helping you create a signature look that is perfect for you.

Schedule an exclusive appointment with us if you want our signature touch. 

We look forward to having you on board!